Keep your answers in mind.
Because, 86% believes that the victim should take some or full responsibility in getting a nude leaked.
That is 86% too many.
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Our mission was to create a launch campaign to build awareness for ECPAT Sweden’s new support platform for victims of leaked nudes. In the past, ECPAT Sweden has communicated solely to adults to create change through lobbying, but for this campaign, the aim was to reach the children and young adolescents that ECPAT aims to help.
In order to gain attention from a target group that has no relationship to ECPAT and that puts a high price on relevance when filtering information; we quickly realised that talking about the platform itself wouldn’t do us any good. We have to talk about what these teenagers actually care about — the problems surrounding leaked nudes.
So what’s the problem with nudes? One issue that kept coming up again and again throughout the research process was the victims (and their surroundings) blaming themselves. Despite the fact that the victim has nothing to do with the actual leaking of the photo, he or she continuously receives blame for having sent the photo in the first place. 86% of the people who took our survey agree with this.
The blame-game of nude-leaking is fucked up. Pardon our French, but that’s just how it is. The emotional pain of having your integrity violated is enough in itself. Blaming yourself on top of that is something a victim should never have to feel. It’s time to take victims out of the spotlight.
The campaign is launching together with the new platform in fall 2020. Follow ECPAT on their social channels to be the first to know when.
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